Nanny Tip of the Week

  • Nanny Tip of the Week: Be An Extension of the Parents

    As a nanny you should know how important consistency is when it comes to raising and caring for children. In your role as a nanny, it should be your aim to be an extension of the parents and the family you work for which

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  • Nanny Tip of the Week: NO Drama!

    As close as you think you are to the parents of the family you work for, trust us–they don’t want to constantly hear about your boyfriend troubles, your financial struggles or your school stress. While some may tolerate or even welcome some personal sharing,

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  • ina-logo

    We are members of the International Nanny Association and think they are an excellent resource for families and nannies alike. Want to really stand out among the crowd and establish yourself as a top professional? Take the INA Nanny Credential Exam and get credentialed!

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  • Tucson Nanny Tip of the Week: Baby Safety Month

    September is baby safety month! As caregivers, we know how important it is to baby-proof a house. But what are some things you might be missing? Here are some safety hazards you might be missing: The dishwasher – knives and detergent and food pieces,

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  • Tucson Nanny Tip of the Week: National Library Card Sign-up Month

    September is Library Card Sign-up Month! While it may seem like a slightly obscure holiday, it is a great time to encourage a love of reading in children. This is a great time to take a field trip down to the local library: See

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  • Tucson Nanny Tip of the Week: On the Hunt!

    Are your charges pretty much bored to tears? Looking for something to do besides plop in front of the television? Why not do a scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are not only a lot of fun, they challenge the brain as well. Critical thinking skills,

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Parenting Tip of the Week

  • Family Tip of the Week: Make Room for Christmas!

    Christmas is days away and if you’re wondering where you’re going to store all those new toys under the tree (or the ones you know Grandma will be bringing) now is the perfect time to ask the kids to gather some toys that they

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  • Family Tip of the Week: Timers for Toddlers

    Co-Owner Rosalind Prather shares one of her favorite toddler tricks…..Most toddlers struggle with transitions which is why it can be very effective to give them a heads up when things are about to change. For example, you might say, “Sarah, you have two more

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  • Family Tip of the Week: Don’t Make Same 10 Dinners Over and Over Again Anymore!
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    Sometimes, just deciding what to make for dinner is a challenge all on it’s own especially when you have picky eaters at home. TC Founder, Rosalind Prather shares some advice that can change the way you meal plan. “Every week on Sunday, when I

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  • Family Tip of the Week: Cut Cooking Time in Half!

    Although many parents want their children to eat healthy, home cooked meals, with our busy schedules, making time to cook can be a challenge. Even more simple recipes take at least 20-30 minutes to prepare, especially when you factor in the time spent cleaning up.

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  • Family Tip: The Mom, Dad, Nanny Triangle

    When parents and their nanny have a healthy relationship and have synergy among them, it is a powerful threesome that can result in great peace, happy kids and a well-managed home. But this kind of relationship can also get complicated if it’s not managed

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  • Parenting Tip of the Week: Colic or Gas?

    When babies seem super fussy, it’s easy for parents to assume that colic is to blame. Here’s how to make a determination. Crying is considered colic if it lasts up to three hours a day, seemingly without a cause, is worse in the evening,

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