34th INA Conference – Recap

Trusting Connections - 34th INA Conference

As a nanny agency who continue to strive and be industry educators and nanny advocates, Trusting Connections was proud and honored to attend the 34th Annual INA Conference, hosted by the International Nanny Association, on March 21-24, 2019 at the Jung Hotel in New Orleans.

For most of our staff, including me, this was our first time in the wonderful city of jazz. This conference was not only a great learning experience for me but also an opportunity for me to explore and see what this infamous city that brought all the saints marching in has to offer. And, it did and more.

34th INA Conference Welcome Reception

It was my second time attending the INA conference; my first one was last year in Tucson, where TC is home-based. You can read about my INA Conference experience here. This year was a record high, with more than 250 attendees from all around the world, from Switzerland to Uganda. Everyone came together to learn and connect.

I want to highlight some key takeaways I took from the conference but first, I want to rave about a few things I got to do in this historic city.

Food. Food. Food.

First of all, there’s no doubt when it comes to food in New Orleans, especially seafood. Crabs legs, crawfish, shrimp, fish, and so much more deliciousness. But let’s not forget about the gumbo, po-boys, jambalaya, and grits. Let’s not forget the sweets – the beignets, pralines, and king cakes too! What I’m trying to say is that I ate good food. I ate a lot.

Historic Buildings, Horrific Tales

TC Team getting pumped up before our ghost tour! L to R: Caroline, Mallory, Sabrina, Rosalind, Kim, Ana

Our wonderful boss is a big fan of the paranormal. Did you know New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities? We booked a ghost tour to end our Friday night. A 4-mile walk from one building to another, following the chilling stories that each one carried. And of course, that included the infamous LaLaurie Mansion. Our staff also got to thoroughly explored the French Quarter. We visited Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, the Saint Louis Cathedral, and the Mississippi River.

A City That Loves Jazz

One of the top things I listed on my “to-do” was to visit a jazz bar/lounge. My co-workers and I visited Frenchmen Street and the popular Bourbon Street. New Orleans is truly a city filled with jazz music lovers and artistic individuals. The sounds of trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, bass, drums, and guitars fill the air, from dusk to dawn.

INA Conference – Key Takeaways

The INA conference was as eye-opening and remarkable as the city lights and festivities. Above all the things I got to experience in New Orleans, attending the Conference offered me one of the most insightful, educational, and informative lessons about the nanny industry.

Here are a few key takeaways I personally took from this conference:

  1. Always have the egg and yolk in any conversation you have and use ‘because’. Have intention and reasoning to back up that intention in your daily decision-making process.
  2. When it comes to speaking and public talking, use and explore the full range of your voice. It’s important to use your diaphragm to create different tones.
  3. It’s all about body posture. They way you sit, stand, and move can change the message you are trying to convey.
  4. Social Media is always changing. Their algorithms are updated every week. To attract your target audience, you have to study the metrics and pattern of your social media channels.
  5. Nannies, Newborn Care Specialist, and Childcare Professionals are important people. They play a big role in a family’s life. They existence is vital and paramount in a child’s life – especially during their developmental phase.

Let The Good Times Roll Indeed

In conclusion, the 34th INA Conference was a great opportunity for the Trusting Connections’ staff to get together and bond. We saw one of our nannies there and couldn’t be more proud of having her learn and grow with us. Above all, the workshops, seminars, round tables, presentations, and conversations were so insightful. I learned so much more than I hoped for during those three days. I met wonderful like-minded people who are passionate about childcare and businesses who carry a similar vision as Trusting Connections’.

Finally, I want to end my recap post with a short video of our Co-Founder and INA’s secretary on the Board of Directors, Caroline, taking a moment to recognize all childcare professionals. Because of their passion, hard work and dedication in childcare were what made this conference possible.

34th INA Conference Caroline’s Speech

I hope to have more of our TC nannies attend next year’s conference as well as other childcare providers around the nation to join. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that next year’s conference is going to be in Montreal?

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