Teaching Children The Gift of Giving

We have officially entered into the holiday season! Our schedules are all overbooked now until the end of the year and it is so easy to forget the importance of holiday giving.   Children, too, are so easily consumed by Elf on the Shelf and the very near arrival of Santa coming to bring toys. However, the holidays are truly about being around your loved ones and sincere giving. This year, make an effort to focus on teaching your children that giving to others, especially those in need, is more important than receiving gifts around the holidays.  Listed below are some fun and creative ways you can do this:

  1. Teach children the importance of earning money to purchase gifts.  Don’t just give your children money to buy gifts for their friends and family members.–make them earn it!  Having them work hard to purchase gifts provides them with a sense of pride when they give.
  2. When sending out your holiday cards, have your children participate by allowing them to sign their name on the card as well.
  3. Don’t forget your teachers, nannies and anyone else who has made a difference in your childs’ life.  Have your children create a fun Christmas craft to give to the caregivers in their lives.
  4. Adopt a family in need and have your children help select the toys, clothing and food that will be donated to the family.
  5. Dedicate a day to working with your children to sort through old toys to donate.  It is a great time to clean out the playroom to make room for the new toys that will be coming in.  It is also important for your children to be a part of the process of giving away items to children that are not as fortunate as them.
  6. Volunteer as a family and plan and cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House (https://rmhctucson.org/) or Primavera Institute (www.primaverainstitue.org).
  7. Create a holiday package for a soldier you may know that is overseas.  Have your child help select the items and also make their own Christmas cards.  The Post Office will ship your package for free.  For more information, you can check out this website: https://www.bootsonground.com/shipping-packages-overseas.htm

I hope that you truly enjoy this holiday season and that you create magical memories with your children while teaching them the gift of giving.

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