8 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s day is here and with that comes hallmark cards, bouquets of roses, and breakfast in bed. But finding a last-minute gift for mom this weekend might be a challenge, so opt out on going to your local department store and create a hand-made gift. Make it more special and personal by having the kids help out. We did some digging on Pinterest and found eight easy, cute, memorable and creative DIY project the kids can do or help create with dad or childcare provider. Most of these DIY Mother’s Day Gifts are easy to make and affordable!

Picture Collage

Suprise mom with a collage of pictures collected throughout the years. Nothing beats reminiscing all the memories from the time mom was pregnant to celebrating the children’s first, second, or third birthday party.

Click here to see all the different ways to create a picture collage!

Customized Flower Pots

Bouquet of roses are beautiful but personalizing a flower pot for mom will make it more special. Go to your local nursery or garden market to purchase mom’s favorite flower. Have the kids paint or write loving messages for mom.

Click here to see 40+ unique ways to make your flower pots stand out!

Mom Snack Kit (also known as Mom’s Emergency Stash)

Moms are always busy driving the kids to places which means a lot of meal prepping. Why not switch it around and make a snack kit for mom. Include a healthy go-to snack bar but also add some of mom’s favorite chocolates in there too!

Click here for neat ways to assemble the snack kits.

MOM String Art

Gather some wood, yarn, and nails dad and let the kids go crazy with string art! There’s so many different designs and layouts that can be done. It’s tediously creative and will be a great home decor piece!

Here are some great designs to use or get inspired by!

Pebble Art

Who knew rocks and pebbles could become a sentimental picture?! And you can get them from your backyard. Gather some pebbles and a small picture frame to create a picture. Complete it with a short poem for mom and have the kids sign it at the end!

Click here to get some pebble art ideas!

DIY Soap and Body Scrub

Let’s all be honest and say that moms are superheroes, but superheroes should take a day off…or two. Moms spend so much time taking care of the family; she forgets to take care of herself sometimes. Give mom the gift of relaxation this year with customized soaps, body scrubs, and bath bombs!

Explore easy DIY body scrubs and soaps here.

Floral Monogram Door Hanger

We found this cute Monogram door hanger project the kids can help make! It’s simple, creative, beautiful, and super affordable. All you need is a monogram (like ‘M’ for mom or the first letter of mom’s name), fake flower, X-Acto knife, and a glue gun. All materials can be found at your local craft store or online retailers like Amazon.

Click for steps to make Floral Monogram Door Hanger here.

Mother’s Day Lunch/Dinner

You hear Mother’s day breakfast in bed, but how about Mother’s day lunch or dinner? Switch things around this year and have the kids help make mom a delicious meal for lunch. If dad’s up for the challenge, try dinner!

Click here for recipe ideas!

Running to the store to purchase a gift is quicker and more convenient. However, taking the time and putting thought and work into a home-made and hand-made gift for mom, especially with the kids, will sure make a day for mom to remember. We hope the kids enjoyed these DIY Mother’s day gifts as much as we did blogging about them!

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