TC’s Annual Back-to-School Sale

Back-To-School Sale

Trusting Connections’ popular annual back-to-school sale is coming!

Can you believe summer break is almost over? Before you know it, a new school year begins, and that means shopping, planning, more shopping, and even more planning!

A Busy + Stressful Season For Parents.

If you are a parent tyring to figure out how to coordinate your work schedule around your children’s school schedule for the upcoming school year, we can help!

August is the only time of the year our agency offers the BIGGEST discount. All new families who register between now and August 31st will get 40% off any of our Flex Membership when they register anytime in August.

What is a Flex Membership?

Our agency is passionate about childcare. We love the whole journey of parenting, but we understand how hard and stressful it can be to thrive personally and professionally. Our Flex Membership allows families to achieve that by providing reliable and trustworthy childcare 24/7, 365 days a year, even a moment’s notice.

Families can sign up for 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months, depending on what they need. Members have access to a team of fully-screened and agency-employed nannies and sitters. The membership starts with an in-home consultation, where our Care Director will come and personally meet you and help create a customized and personalized childcare plan.

Members can easily request childcare services with a simple call or email to connect with a Trusting Connections’ representative, 24/7. Parents just pay a flat hourly rate based on the type of care that they are requesting, and our sitter services are available for families as much as they want or as little as they need.

Click here to read more about our Flex Membership.

What We Offer Can’t Be Beat.

We take pride in who we hire and what we do. In terms of quality, we can’t be beat. Our agency can help staff nannies and sitters for any childcare situation. New parents and need some newborn care? We can help, day or night. Got a sick kid, but can’t miss work? We’ll get you someone within 90 minutes. Need someone to pick the kids up from school every day? We have the nannies for that. Want to schedule a few date nights next month? We’ve got you covered!

We can help with so much more. Click here to explore all of our services.

Who Are We?

We are an award-winning nanny agency helping families across Tucson, Phoenix, and Dallas-Fort Worth connect with nannies and sitters since 2011. We help parents who are struggling to juggle it all because we believe parenthood should come with a tribe. Our team of exceptional nannies and sitters can help create a customized childcare solution so that families can thrive.

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