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*** Trusting Connections’ special guest feature for this week’s blog post is Jeannie Long, owner and founder of Behavior Bake, a resource for parents to build confidence in their parenting. Jeannie has provided Autism services for the past 14 years and has experience working with parents and the behavioral health system of Arizona.

Behavior Bake’s scientifically-based workshops give parents the opportunity to collaborate in a laid-back friendly environment. Through years of experience, collaborations, and use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavior Bake can help teach parents and teachers how to turn daily struggles into success. All workshops will be presented by a licensed behavioral analyst.

Behavior Bake is committed to:

  • Provide services to children of all abilities and ages
  • Staying true to the principles of ABA
  • Build confidence to parents and teachers when faced with behavioral challenges
  • Foster a stronger community

The following editorial is from a staff member at Behavioral Bake. ***
Hello to all you moms who are consistently asking yourselves, “Where are my keys?” Ahhh! I don’t have time for arguing… why don’t my kids just listen?” The bad news is you’re on your own with your keys but the good news is that helping moms with their child’s difficult behavior is what Behavior Bake does best; more on that later. This is for moms who feel dizzy from all the “should do” tellers. You know, I’m sure you’ve heard them too, “you should just discipline… you should use time out… you should show them who’s the boss… or you should use good old fashioned spanking.” Ugh, I can feel my stomach aching with second-guesses, feelings of hopelessness, and ultimately feeling like a terrible mom. Have you felt the same way? If so, I’m here to say, STOP the madness and STOP the guessing! No mom has time for that. You can parent with confidence.

At Behavior Bake, we believe moms are powerful. We believe moms are extraordinary. We believe moms can improve their child’s behavior and go on with their busy lives.

How, you may ask? I’m not a mind reader but funny you should ask.

Behavior Bake empowers moms to get back in the driver seat by making decisions following these three easy steps:

  1. Gather information surrounding a specific routine your child tends to be difficult in (i.e., taking out the trash, homework, shutting down electronics, etc.). A little tip for moms, the more detail the better.
  2. Create a behavioral recipe for your routine. Moms, this is where you can be creative and use your expertise of your child.
  3. Take action and parent with confidence. Moms, this is where you shine and have fun!

MUAH, kiss the guessing game goodbye! When it is all said and done, moms will have gained a new perspective on their child’s behaviors. Moms will confidently tackle future difficult routines with this new decision-making process. And when you run into a “should do” teller, you may find yourself dusting off your shoulder and saying, “No, thank you, I got this.”

Behavior Bake Tip: Select a routine and start jotting down the circumstances before and after your child’s behavior (i.e., I asked my child to take out the trash, my child yelled. As a result, my child went into his room after arguing and I ended up taking the trash out). It’s also important to jot down the circumstances when the routine was successful (i.e., I asked my child to take out the trash and my child did. As a result, I said, “Thank you”). Include any special or unusual circumstances (i.e., sickness, sleep, no down time, too much down time, etc.) Do this for a week or two and see if you start seeing patterns. Remember, the more detail, the better. This exercise is insightful!

– Written by M. C.

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