Cloth Diapering: Healthy Baby, Clean Environment

A long awaited service has finally come to Tucson, and we are so excited to announce it! When it comes to must-haves for a baby, disposable diapers can be expensive and, let’s face it, not very good for the environment. With that in mind, more and more people are switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, and now Sun Sprouts Diapering Service is here to help with that transition!

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“Sun Sprout Diaper Service brings southern Arizona the best for your baby and the environment.

For over three years we’ve been providing and delivering clean cloth diapers to families in

Tucson and the surrounding area. We also strive to play a role in our community by hosting

workshops and tabling at events focused on babies, parenting and the environment. We feel

that the time is now to make the right choices that are safe and healthy for our families, our

community and Mother Earth. So when you’re deciding how you’d like to diaper your new

baby, remember that Sun Sprout’s products and services are the cleanest and most natural


Setting up service is easy. When you call we’ll set up a personal appointment where a member

of the Sun Sprout team will walk you through how the service works, why cloth diapering is the

right choice for your baby and we’ll even give you a lesson on various diaper folding methods

using Sunny, the diaper wearing teddy bear. Moms who are expecting should make an

appointment at least two weeks before their due date because when your new bundle of joy

comes into the world it’s best to be as prepared as possible. Our number one goal is to promote

cloth diapering and making you comfortable with our services, so give us a call to make your

diapering experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our community connections are a major element of our continued success in the Tucson area.

Look out for classes on our website,, our Facebook page, or join our mailing

list. We’ve conducted classes at our shop, the El Rio Birth Center and the Tucson Herb Store;

and we’ve tabled at a wide range of community events from Cyclovia Tucson to The Baby Fair at

Babies R Us. We are proud members of Local First Arizona and strongly believe that when you

shop at a local store it both builds healthy relationships and strengthens the local economy.

Also, from the beginning we’ve been members of the RDIA, Real Diaper Industry Association,

which provides a nationwide network of cloth diaper manufacturers, diaper services and


Cloth diapering is the clear ecological choice when it comes to keeping your baby covered. As a

green company we strive to make choices that take our ecological footprint into account. Our

diapers are laundered with a state of the art Unimac industrial washer that is thrifty on water,

our most precious resource in the desert. The powerful spin cycle dries the diapers so well that

time in the dryer is short keeping the usage of natural gas to a minimum. Our central Tucson

deliveries are made on a solar powered electric cargo bike and the deliveries to greater Tucson

and surrounding communities are made in our fuel efficient Volkswagen Golf. Compared to

washing your own cloth diapers or using single-use disposables our service is better in terms of

atmospheric pollution, water usage and extraction of raw materials.

There are so many choices to make as a parent. When your baby comes you want something

that is reliable and high quality. With Sun Sprout Diaper Service, you have the best in both

quality and service. That’s our pledge to our customers: The best for your baby and the




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