Do Something Nice Challenge

Do something nice day challenge

October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day

We are so caught up with our busy lives and hectic schedule; we sometimes forget to slow down, stop for a moment, and do something nice for a stranger or friend. 

It’s a great opportunity to show your kids that a kind gesture, big or small, can make someone’s day! 

How To Observe + Celebrate

You can celebrate by doing something little as picking up trash on your way to work or school. Celebrate by giving a compliment to the stranger next to you, paying a meal or order of the person behind you in line, sending a ‘Thinking of You’ card to a friend, or helping someone load their groceries into their car.

This summer, we launched our TC Kindness Challenge by sharing a Random Acts of Kindness bingo card. Let’s keep the momentum going and participate in National Do Something Nice Day. We are asking families, nannies and general TC fans to pick one random act of kindness from the bingo card to do on Saturday, October 5th. Be sure to tag #TCKindnessChallenge.

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