Easy DIY Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Father’s day is this Sunday and nothing beats getting hand-made gifts from the little ones on your special day. Follow these easy and adorable DIY crafts your kids can make for their special superhero. Please note all these projects will need an adult’s supervision and help.


Rock Handprint

Father's Day Craft

Aquarium Pebbles
White Cardstock Paper
Hot Glue Gun


1. Trace the kid’s hands on the cardstock paper with a marker.
2. Let the kids pick out the pebbles and help them glue it down to the shape of their hands.
3. Let it dry.
4. Using markers, help write “Dad, you rock!” on the paper.


Handprint Daddy’s Grilling Partner Keepsake


Fathers Day Card

Free Template Printable (download template here)
White Cardstock
Color Printer
Paint (a variety so the kids can freely pick!)
Paper Plate
Paint Brush
Baby Wipes


1. First download and print the free template printable on white cardstock.
2. Squirt some paint on a paper plate.
3. Paint one of your child’s hands and press it on the printable to create flames. Repeat if desired.
4. Add other designs and drawings as you see fit with markers. This can make a great gift!


Superhero Hand Cards 

Super Hero Cards

Googly Eyes
Colored Glitter Foam Paper
Cardstock paper (green, red, black, or any color that fits the superhero)


1. Fold your green/red/black or any desired cardstock in half.
2. Trace your handprint with the wrist portion over your folded cardstock.
3. Cut out the handprint and be sure to round the top part of the card (head of the Ninja Turtle or Spiderman) or make two triangle points to create Batman’s ears when cutting them.
4. Once you have your handprint cut out, trace the foam glitter paper for the bandana. Place your foam glitter paper under your handprint to mark on your paper the size you’ll need.
5. Cute out the bandana and glue it to the card.
6. Glue on your googly eyes and draw a smile. Cut out two triangles to create Batman’s and semi circles for Spiderman’s eyes.
7. Let the kids write their message inside the card for your special hero!


Father’s Day Coffee Mug Art

Dad Mug

Blank ceramic mugs
Painter’s Paint
Painter’s Tape or Alphabet stickers


1.  Figure out what words the kids would like to use.
2. Carefully form the painter’s tape into letters or place the letter stickers by hand.
3. Pour some paint onto a paper plate.
4. Let the kids start doodling, painting, or draw using their hands or paintbrush.
5. Let the colors dry between layers.
6. Carefully remove the tape or letter stickers.
7. Let the mugs dry for 24 hours before baking them at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.


Hand Print Hand-made Cards

Handprint Cards

Cardstock paper – White and Red
Paper Plates
Frame (optional)


1. Pour a safe amount on a paper plate.
2. Have the kids dip their hands or feet in the paint on the cardstock paper.
3. Cut out little hearts from the red construction paper.
4. Let the paint dry.
5. With a marker have the kids list the reasons why they love their dad.
6. (Optional) You can frame the cards and add any final touches for the special gift!


These easy, crafty, and super cute DIY ideas can make any dad smile!

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