Family-Friendly Activities For St. Patrick’s Day

family-friendly activities for st. patrick's day

While most can argue that the popular Irish holiday is a holiday celebrated mainly by adults, there are many family-friendly activities that kids can enjoy as well. Whether you want to stay in this weekend or take the family out to celebrate, here are a few suggestions you can do.

Local St. Patrick’s Day Parades

Check your city’s website or Facebook page to see local events that are happening. There should be parades, block parties, live shows, and much more. Live entertainment, music, good food, and games for parents and kids? That’s a full day of jam-packed fun!

Join A Family Run

Get active with the kids and participate in a marathon. It can be simple as a 3K, 5K, or if you’re up for a challenge, 10K. Typically these local runs are themed, so get creative and dress up! Have fun with it. This is also a great way to incorporate exercise for you and the kiddos. Whether it’s walking the whole way or running, you’re going to have lots of fun, together. Oh, and don’t forget to wear something green!


Do a good deed on St. Patrick’s Day and volunteer at your local non-profit organization. Clean up the park, water the community garden, deliver food to the homeless, or help paint a house. There are always volunteer events happening around your local community. Take this time to teach the kids about compassion, kindness, and the meaning of giving back.

DIY Crafts

We gathered some fun, easy DIY crafts the kids will surely enjoy. Make the activity an educational one by incorporating math, critical thinking, and problem-solving aspects.

Fun in the Kitchen

Gather the whole family to the kitchen to bake some delicious sweets! Check out these cute, easy recipes you can do with the kids to celebrate!

So even though the possibility of finding a four-leaf clover, a gold pot at the end of the rainbow, or the leprechaun to grant you wishes is slim, Trusting Connections hope these family-friendly suggestions help make your St. Patty’s Day a memorable one. For you and the kids.

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