How to Hire a Full-Time Nanny: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Right Way to Hire A Full-Time Nanny 

If you are in need of full-time, long-term childcare help in the comfort of your own home, hiring a nanny is probably something you have considered. We define full-time as being 30 hours a week or more and most often, when families come to us wanting to hire a full-time nanny, they are also wanting a long-term arrangement (a year or more.) For those families, we recommend our full-time nanny placement services. Our agency walks you through the process of hiring a full-time nanny from beginning to end. We are local nanny experts that can help you identify high-quality, compatible candidates. Our Care Director will also do most of the work for you. Hiring a full-time nanny doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! “But what is involved in hiring a nanny?” you may be wondering. Whether you choose to use an agency or hire a nanny on your own, these are the most important steps to hire a full-time nanny successfully. 


#1: Know Your Needs

If you need less than 30 hours a week of care or just have a temporary need, our Sitter Service might be a great option. But if you need to hire a long-term, full-time nanny, you will need to think about the qualities and skill sets you are looking for. You will also need to put some thought into the position itself so you can write an effective job ad. What days and times will the nanny need to work? Will you guarantee hours? What pay rate will you be offering? Can you offer any other benefits for the right candidate? What duties would you like the nanny to perform while in your home? Does the nanny need to have any certifications or specific experience? What type of personality would fit best with your family? You will need to be very clear and concise about what you are looking for if you want the search to be successful. Then, write a compelling job ad that will attract the right candidates. 

#2: Have a Plan  

When the applications start rolling in, be strategic and intentional in your approach to sorting through them. Decide ahead of time what your process will be and what your standards are. Think about in what order will you interview, do reference checks, background checks, etc. When you start feeling desperate, it’s easy to make allowances for things you wouldn’t ordinarily tolerate. Deciding ahead of time what your deal breakers or ideals are and writing them down will guide you through murky waters. How will you narrow down applicants to determine who should be interviewed? What criteria will you use? What types of responses are you looking for with your interview questions? What do you need to hear from the candidates references? In any event, all candidates should undergo an extensive screening process, regardless of how amazing he/she seems. Stick to your plan. 

#3: Screen Before Saying Yes! 

It doesn’t matter if your best friend worked with this nanny for a whole year and loved her. It doesn’t matter if the doctor you trust referred a candidate that seems great. It doesn’t matter if the nanny you interview is the perfect person for the job and checks all the boxes and says all the right things. Trust us when we say that every candidate should be thoroughly vetted before you offer him or her the position. To get a better idea about what an extensive and effective screening process looks like, check out the requirements we have for our nannies. At a minimum, if you are hiring a full-time nanny or even part-time sitter on your own, you need to talk to at least three professional references and verify them. You need to do an in-person interview. And you need to conduct a background investigation. By the way, not all background checks are the same. Know the difference and do a background check that is complete and thorough. Don’t miss our Top 5 Safety Tips for Families who are going to hire a nanny on their own. Also consider purchasing our screening services (drug tests, background checks, etc.) a la carte! 

#4. Talk to Your CPA (Or Household Employment Experts)

Many families are not aware of the many legal and financial responsibilities of employment. Some families don’t even know that nannies are always considered employees, not independent contractors! But there are definitely some steps you will need to take to stay in compliance. We have seen families who have cut corners, end up in trouble with the IRS. Don’t make this mistake! Some CPA’s are not aware of all the latest laws regarding household employment specifically. We always recommend Homework Solutions to our clients. They help families deal with nanny payroll and tax issues. 

If you are new to the nanny world and ready to hire your first household employee or you’re embarking on your second, third or fourth nanny search and know how much work it can be, let us help! It’s only $195 to get the process started and have a consultation with our expert matchmaker. She will introduce your family to screened, hand-selected, compatible candidates and you only pay a placement fee once you have a signed, one year commitment from a nanny you’ve hired through our agency. The new year is almost upon us. Start your year off with the right help! Register today!

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