Fun Halloween Projects With The Kids!

trusting connections nannies and sitters - halloween crafts for kids

Halloween is in two weeks, but your kids might already be celebrating in jubilant spirit. Even though trick-or-treating is weeks away, engage in fun Halloween-themed projects nannies and sitters can do with the kids to make their wait more fun.

These projects are designed to be interactive and engaging so kids will enjoy it from beginning to end. Parents can do these projects on the weekend or have their nannies and sitters do them with their kids during the week. These projects can help fine-tuned the kids’ senses and fine motor skills all the while having fun!

Here are two projects Trusting Connections know not only the kids will love but also will the nannies and sitters. One project will have the kids get messy as they will have to use their senses to touch and feel the ‘wormy’ objects. The other project will challenge kids to dig into their web of creativity. These projects are so easy to do, and most of the supplies needed are common household items.


Jelly Worms – A slimy, yet delicious treat for the kiddos!

trusting connections nannies and sitters - halloween crafts for kids

Yields: 50 worms


– 50 flexible straws
– 7 oz. package strawberry Jell-O mix
– 3 packages unflavored gelatin
– 3 c. boiling water
– 3/4 c. heavy cream
– A tall glass or container
– A bowl or plate
– (Optional) Crushed Oreos, for serving


  1. Combine Strawberry Jell-O mix and all the unflavored gelatin packages into a tall glass or container. Add boiling water. Whisk until dissolved. Refrigerate until lukewarm.
  2. Stretch and extend the straws out to full length. Stand them upright in a tall glass. Make sure the ends are firmly pressed up against the bottom of the glass. This will add length to the jelly worms.
  3. Take out the Jell-O mixture and whisk in heavy cream.
  4. Slowly pour the JELL-O mixture into the straws until it reaches the tops.
  5. Refrigerate for about 1-2 hours.
  6. Run the straws through warm water. Grab one end of the straw and push the jelly worms out onto a plate or bowl. Add crush Oreos to the plate to mimic dirt if desired.
  7. Make this activity more educational for the kids by having them use their sense of touch to feel the worms and the texture of the straws and crushed dirt.


Spider Balloon Web – A sticky activity kids will love!

  trusting connections nannies and sitters - halloween crafts for kids


– White wool/yarn (1 bundle)
– Bowl
– Balloons
– Glue
– Water
– Fake plastic spiders
– Hot glue gun


  1. Inflate some balloons. Make different sizes to create more dimension to your webs.
  2. Attached a piece of string to the end of the balloon so you can tie them up to dry later.
  3. In a bowl, add glue and water. Mix into a paste. Keep it at a 2:1 ratio.
  4. Add the yarn/wool into the bowl until it’s fully coated with the paste.
  5. Grab the end of the coated yarn and start wrapping it around the balloon. Grab the end of the balloon to use as a guide. Continue to wrap the yarn/wool around until you form a spider web.
  6. Hung the spider webs onto a tree outside to dry. Use the string you attached at the end of the balloon.
  7. Once it’s dry, the spider web should have hardened. Pop the balloon and remove it from the spider web.
  8. Hot glue some fake plastic spiders to complete the look.
  9. Hang them in front of your door or on your tree. The different sizes of spider webs will have kids running over to look in awe!

Parents, nannies and sitters, and other childcare providers can find more creative Halloween crafts on Pinterest. Check out our blog to see more DIY crafts, activities and ideas for kids!

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