Gift Ideas For Your Nanny For National Nanny Recognition Week

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We will be celebrating nannies all over the nation next week for National Nanny Recognition Week. According to, National Nanny Recognition Week is a week during which “families, businesses, and the media will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.”

Did you know nannies are legally recognized as household employees? That means our nannies are and should be acknowledged as professional childcare providers and caregivers.

Nannies and other childcare providers play a vital part in the children’s life. Busy working families rely on nannies to provide the attention and care for their kids during the most important stages of the child’s development. The significant role nannies play is crucial in the family’s life and with NNRW happening next week, this is THE perfect time to show your love and appreciation to them.

Trusting Connections have gathered up some great gift ideas that you can give to your special nanny next week! Trust me, these gifts will leave a big smile on their faces!

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Nanny Bag

Drive to your local Target and pick up one of these super cute Nanny Bags. They are so versatile and fashionable. This way, your nanny doesn’t have to carry three different bags every time she takes the kids to the park!

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Personalized Jewelry

Nothing says we appreciate your hard work and love you as much as a personalized jewelry piece. Check out Something Remembered to see all the selections and items you can choose from. They are known for their special and customized items for any occasion to make a person feel special on their day!

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Spa & Salon Package

We all know nannies are super hard workers. Running around and chasing after the kids every day can leave the body sore. Reward your nanny with a spa package so she can take a long and deserving relaxation session! Reach out to your local spa and salon to purchase some gift certificates/package today.

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Bath Relaxation Gift Basket

A nanny deserves a much needed long bath. Gift her/him a gift basket filled with her favorite scented candles, lotion, bath bombs, and essential oils. Bath and Beyond carry numerous gift baskets you can choose from, including some DIY items so you can customize!

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More Vacation Days

Make her/his day by surprising her/him with a few days off. Add some vacation days to their agenda so they can enjoy making personal plans! Rewarding a nanny a few extra days off can drastically influence their job motivation and increase job satisfaction. Show your appreciation by giving him/her some personal time.

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Adult Coloring Books

Almost all nannies engage in some form of arts and crafts activity with the kids they are looking after. It can be fun, but also stressful when it comes to the mess! Adult coloring books will help relieve the nanny’s stress and help them focus and relax. You can easily purchase one on Amazon as well as your local craft store, so grab one today! The nanny can also enjoy coloring her book while the kids color theirs!

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Keurig – Cofee & Tea Set

From helping the kids get ready for school all the way to help parents tuck them into bed, the nannies’ schedule can be quite busy and sometimes, they may need a bit of a pick-me-up. And you can help by gifting them a Keurig! Whether they are a tea person or a coffee fan, having a Keurig within reach can give them a quick coffee/tea break before getting back to their hectic daily schedule.

There are so many other ways you can show your love and appreciation to your nanny next week. Reach out to her/his friends and family and see what’s her favorite perfume, her favorite artist, restaurant, hobbies, etc. This will make your gift more personal and special, knowing that you put thought and research into this. Let show our nannies all the love and acknowledgment they so deserve!

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