Heart of Excellence Award 2019

Heart of Excellence Award

This year’s interNational Nanny Recognition Week is September 22-28, 2019. It’s a week to celebrate and bring awareness to the invaluable work of nannies all across the world. And this year, Trusting Connections is asking families to participate in nominating a nanny who they feel is worthy of our Heart of Excellence award!

What is National Nanny Recognition Week?

According to NNRW.org, National Nanny Recognition Week is a week during which “families, businesses, and the media will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.”

Nominate A Nanny For TC’s Heart of Excellence Award

Nominate a nanny who you feel deserves to win TC’s annual “Nanny Heart of Excellence” title. We often don’t take the time to express our appreciation for the many ways our nanny makes a difference in our lives. The lucky nanny will win a gift basket ($100 value) filled with pampering and fun items that will sure to make the nanny feel loved and adored!

Contest Details:

  1. The nominee can be a nanny who has recently worked with your family or sometime in the past. It can be a current nanny of Trusting Connections or any nanny outside of our agency. It can also be a formerly placed nanny through TC’s Placement services.
  2. The submission deadline is Friday, September 27th.
  3. The winner will be announced Monday, September 30th on our social media channels.

Nominate a deserving nanny by filling out the form linked in the button below! If you have any questions, email kim@trustingconnections.com.

INA Special Offer

The International Nanny Association will be having a Recognition Celebration Sale during the week of INNRW. In honor of the services nannies do for the children and families, they are offering $15 off their membership fees.

INA is offering their Childcare Professional Memberships for ONLY $40 and Newborn Care Specialists Memberships are only $160. This is a discount of more than 25% off.

Nanny employers can purchase these memberships as a gift to their nannies. Gift memberships can be purchased individually or in packages of 10 through INA’s Estore for $40 each. 

Sale ends midnight US Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, September 29, 2019

What is INA?

The International Nanny Association (INA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “serve as the umbrella association for the in-home childcare industry by providing information, education, and guidance to the public and to industry professionals” since 1985. For example, INA issued a research study in 2017 about the Nanny Tax Compliance where the results of the study were presented at the 2018 IRS Research Conference. You can read the findings here

INA members consist of nannies, nanny employers, nanny agencies, educators and industry service providers all over the world. Over the last 33 years, INA has worked to “professionalize the industry by setting high standards for industry professionals and nanny agencies.”

Nannies are Heroes Too

Lastly, Trusting Connections want to sincerely thank you all of our current and former TC nannies. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the care our nannies bring to our families. Nannies are truly heroes without capes. They work behind the scenes, and we want you to know that we love, cherish, and appreciate everything you do. 

Thank you to all the Mary Poppins in the world. Happy interNational Nanny Recognition Week! 

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