We Find Alice: How to Hire A Nanny Safely and Simply Through an Agency Placement

COVID is changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we raise children. 
The nanny industry has also seen a major shift in needs among parents including a drastic increase in demand for private educators, for example. Families who never previously considered a full-time nanny or private educator are opting to hire one to assist with homeschooling or to make working from home with little people more doable. We are also seeing families who preferred daycare as an option for the socialization aspect but are now hiring a full-time nanny at home to minimize exposure to germs.
For those parents who are new to the idea of hiring household help, our local experts are here to make this process far easier and safer. 

What Are Nanny Placement Services? 

If you’re looking for “Alice” to help get your family through the craziness that is 2020, let our award-winning agency connect you to a truly compatible nanny. Look no further than our nanny Placement Services. We also place family assistants, newborn care specialists, private educators and other domestic staffing professionals.
Placement Services (as opposed to our Flex Sitter Service) are better for families who want to hire someone full-time  (30 hours a week or more) and long-term. (1-year minimum commitment.)  With a placement, the family becomes the employer and we act as a referral agent, connecting families to fully-screened, hand-selected candidates.

The Difficulties Families Face When they Hire A Nanny 

If you’ve never hired a nanny or other household employee, you might not realize how stressful, challenging and time-consuming this process can be. The internet has provided thousands and thousands of candidates but this doesn’t make the search any easier. It’s a ton of work sorting through endless profiles and resumes and lining up interviews only to have people not show up.
Parents might miss red flags or other warning signs about a candidate. They might waste time pursuing someone that ultimately flakes or doesn’t turn out to be a good fit. Even after finding a seemingly wonderful person, parents are left with making sure that the candidate is safe.
We have unfortunately seen parents operate from a place of desperation. Especially now, it’s tempting to skip steps in screening. But the vetting process is so important! Parents need to be careful about hiring anyone without doing an extensive screening – even if the candidate was referred by a trusted friend.
All this hard work that families invest to hire a nanny can be even more frustrating when that person only lasts a few weeks or months. Then parents must start all over with this daunting process. 

How We Help Families Hire the Best Local Nannies 

Working with a nanny placement agency means that you won’t have to work nearly as hard to hire a nanny or private educator. We have access to some of the top local candidates and walk you through the process from beginning to end. Each new client is introduced to our Care Director and Matchmaker. Our Care Director hand-selects candidates after really getting to know each family’s unique needs and preferences.
9 times out of 10 a family will hire one of the first three candidates we send to interview.
For our agency, compatibility is a major factor in candidate selection. We use personality testing and a highly personalized process to ensure that families will find the perfect fit. You will meet fewer candidates through our agency but they will be higher quality. 


Our Placement Process 







You will have an initial meeting with your matchmaker to discuss exactly what you are looking for in a nanny, private educator or other household help.

We will discuss your needs, preferences and the type of candidate you are looking for. We will also go over your job offer (pay, benefits, etc.) and make recommendations according to what is reasonable and standard. We provide resources for families as it pertains to dealing with the legal and financial responsibilities of employment. Working with our agency means having a trusted expert that can make sure that you hire a nanny safely, legally and professionally. 


After the Care Consultation, your matchmaker will post anonymously for your position to attract new candidates. We will also look to our existing, extensive placement pool of caregivers awaiting a permanent placement. Our agency will interview and screen nannies on your behalf before introducing you to our top matches.

Once we identify a compatible candidate, their bio will be sent to you. We will then coordinate and schedule all interviews and will arrange to have the candidate either meet you in your home or at a public location of your choice. You will also receive TC’s interview sheet and guide that will help you make the most of this process. 


Some agencies interested in simply “closing the deal” may encourage you to hire someone after a successful interview. However, we want to make sure that it is a good fit before suggesting you formally offer the candidate the position.

Just because a nanny interviews well does not mean he or she will work out in actuality and vice versa. Sometimes a candidate that doesn’t necessarily “wow” in an interview will really shine when you see him or her in action. We strongly encourage a “trial period” (also known as a working interview) with the candidate for a few days or up to one week. 


Finding the right nanny is only half of the battle. Trusting Connections strongly encourages families who are hiring a nanny to have a written Work Agreement that both parties sign. This document lays the foundation for a successful relationship between you and your nanny. It also ensures that both parties are clear about all the terms and conditions of employment.

The Work Agreement should contain a detailed job description, salary and any applicable benefits information, the nanny’s work schedule and more. This document also acknowledges each party’s commitment to one another for the designated length of time. You will be provided with  a template to guide you in drafting your own. Once you have finalized and signed your Work Agreement, we will present it to the nanny on your behalf. We will also facilitate negotiations or discussions between both parties.

Our agency will help educate you regarding current laws surrounding our industry to make sure that you are in legal compliance. We will also refer you to a company that can help you with your tax and payroll questions. Families may wish to also have their nanny take additional assessments such as the Integrity Assessment or various aptitude tests through our agency.

The nanny’s employment will be contingent upon the passing of the final screening processes. No placement fee is charged until a nanny has been fully processed and hired.

Hire A Nanny – The Right Way 

Choosing a nanny who will play a crucial role in caring for your children is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life time. Don’t leave the selection process up to chance or attempt to hire a nanny without the resources or expertise that an agency can provide. Our agency can connect you to higher quality candidates. We also make the process safer and less stressful for all involved parties.

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