TC’s Top 10 Picks for Kids Activities in Tucson

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Looking for Kids Activities in Tucson? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite “must-do” adventures for kids and families.

Content Enthusiastically Approved by Rosalind Prather (Local Mom and TC Co-Founder), Writing accredited to Kayla Formalejo, Trusting Connections Intern


Top 10 Kids Activities in Tucson

  1. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Why We Love It: See and feel the magic of the Mini Time Machine Museum! It’s exactly what it sounds like – a showcase of more than 400 intricate, antique and contemporary dollhouses. Your and your little one’s creative minds will start flowing when imagination turns to life. Visit the “Enchanted Realm” where you can go searching for fairies for some seek and find fun. Keep your eye out for the magical fairies  flying in and out of little fairy doors throughout the museum.

Check out the other entertainment options available, such as story-time led by costumed characters and more.

  1. Trail Dust Town (Polly Anna Park)

Why We Love It:  Tired of the same old park party? Dust off the old cowboy boots and head out to the Western themed Polly Anna Park for a picture-perfect picnic. This colorful little town will leave you and your little ones with a giant smile. After riding the miniature train, take a spin on the vintage carousel. Don’t forget to fuel up with a variety of restaurants or the option to bring your own food. Face painting, panning for gold, play shooting galleries and a wagon-styled Ferris wheel are just a few attractions that will keep you and the kiddos wanting to stay all day long.

  1. Timeless Play

Why We Love It:  We might be biased but the kids who cry when they have to leave sure aren’t!  This is the ultimate win-win because it’s a drop-off play experience so moms and dads can wave “Bye kids!” and go enjoy one, two, three or FOUR kid-free hours to work out, go to a doctor’s appointment or have lunch with a friend. The space itself is ADORABLE in a quaint, registered historic building and get this- there are little to no electronic toys, just hands-on fun and 4:1 ratios with the Play Experts who turn ordinary toys into extraordinary experiences. Hours are 8-6 M-Th and Fri/Sat 8am-2pm and 5pm-9pm (date night anyone!?) It’s super easy to book play hours online, even last minute but you do have to register first.

  1. Children’s Museum

Why We Love It:  Here, fun and learning collide with hands-on and play-based activities for kids of all ages. Exploring, discovering, creating and inventing are just a few of the components that stimulate a child’s desire to learn. Give kids all of the tools and opportunities to expand their knowledge in an inviting environment. Explore the impacts of gravity, the human body, nanoscience, electricity, veterinary stations and more. If you are closer to the Northside of Tucson, the Oro Valley Children’s Museum is the perfect indoor play space geared towards kids 5 and under.

  1. Funny Foot Farm Petting Zoo

Why We Love It: Calling all animal lovers! This is NOT your ordinary petting zoo. Stop by this family-friendly farm for an unlike-any-other educational tour of all different kinds of animals. Meet, feed and pet all of the exotic wildlife while learning interesting facts and hearing all kinds of funny puns. Capybaras, porcupines, emu, and mara are just a few of the buddies you’ll get to spend your day with. This very affordable experience is different than most petting zoos. You’ll get to be up close and personal inside the enclosures. Not only will you leave happier than you came after a thrilling day at the Funny Foot Farm, but the animals will appreciate all the love and kindness as well!

  1. White Stallion Ranch

Why We Love It: Horseback riding and the luxuries of a fine resort emerge as one at the White Stallion Ranch. Whether you’re an inexperienced or experienced rider, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of different riding adventures with a horse that’s one of the largest private herds in Arizona. Take the slow route and experience the serenity of the peaceful Tucson outdoors. If you’re more adventurous, kick it up with a faster mountain ride through the breathtaking terrain. Kiddos 5 and under experience a thrill just the same, as staff guide the ride on a safe lead line.

When you’re not in the saddle, spoil yourself and the little ones with all that the resort has to offer: a petting zoo, spa amenities, hot tubbing, a rec room and movie theater. The White Stallion Ranch is an all-in-one package deal, so saddle up for a unique kind of vacation!

  1. Amy’s Donuts

Why We Love It: Sometimes you just can’t help but give in to a sweet tooth. When you see the variety of fun and creative donuts at Amy’s Donuts, there’s just no room for feeling guilty about indulging! You can’t go wrong with an OG donut, but something about a “Rocky Road Glaze” or “Maple Bacon Fudge” is overly-enticing. The kiddos will love the “Trix” and “Fruity Pebbles” options – and YOU even more for taking them to Amy’s! Being that there are only three locations and one is in Tucson, it’s a must-see during your stay. Be sure to visit the mural right outside the shop with your delicious and colorful donut for the perfect photo-opp.

  1. Ben’s Bells

Why We Love It: Be a part of something bigger than yourself by helping make Tucson a more beautiful and welcoming place. Ben’s Bells is a non-profit organization that spreads kindness and awareness of strengthening ourselves and our communities through the creation and distribution of home-made windchimes; they are then dispersed throughout the town as a reminder to all. Each one is uniquely made by gentle hands through volunteering to either mold from clay, paint beads or assemble chimes. This short 1.5-hour experience is perfect for little ones to explore their creativity through arts and crafts while learning about what it means to be involved in the community.

  1. Arizona Zipline Adventures + Biosphere 2

Why We Love It: We lumped these two together because they are near each other and in the quaint town of Oracle. These two activities combined with lunch at one of the local restaurants would make for a great day trip just 30 minutes or so North of Tucson. Is your kid a non-stop energy ball who loves the outdoors? Give them an exhilarating Zipline adventure on the backside of Mt. Lemmon! The Zipline EcoTour offers five different zips, ranging from 400 to 1,500 feet, starting out slow to get a hang of the ropes and then gradually increases as you’re more comfortable. Have a leap of faith as you zip past the beautiful Catalina Mountains and through the mini valleys, seeing Tucson from a whole different perspective. Overcome your fears and go to higher heights!

Biosphere 2 has been touted a “must see wonder of the world” housing seven model ecosystems that scientists at the University of Arizona use to conduct active experiments. You’ll be able to observe real nature in a controlled environment at this world-renowned research center made of steel and glass. Both of these activities are recommended for school-aged children.

  1. Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

Why We Love It: While not technically in Tucson, this insanely fun petting and feeding farm has been featured on shows like Extreme Roadside Attractions. Just a short, 30-minute drive from Tucson, this really is the “darndest place you’ll ever visit” and worth every bit of the drive. Feed goats, deer, ducks, ostrich and enter the Lorikeet enclosure where the colorful and friendly birds may land on your head or perch on your finger in anticipation of the treats you’ll have to offer them. They even have a stingray tank that’s sure to delight kids of all ages!

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Honorable Mentions

Be sure to check out the following suggestions for more kid-friendly fun: Kartchner Caverns State Park, Hike Sabino Canyon (East Dam for younger/Seven Falls for older, The Desert Museum, Reid Park Zoo, Flandreau Planetarium, Colossal Cave and Gaslight Theater.

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