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In celebration of National Nanny Recognition Week, Trusting Connections would like to dedicate a few blog posts this week to highlight some of our wonderful TC nannies.

Today, we want to highlight and feature one of our most well-beloved DFW nannies – Hannah Jeffrey!

Her dedication, passion, and hard work amaze us every day and our DFW families just adore her and we can clearly see why! We caught up to her and asked her a few questions on her thoughts about being a nanny.


Q: Why did you become a nanny? How’s your experience being a DFW nanny been thus far?

A: I’m going to school to be a teacher! So I figured nannying would be a good experience to get my foot in the door! Before nannying, I taught for two years at a daycare center that I loved! Unfortunately, once I moved it was too long of a commute so nannying was the next step! I’ve loved every part of being a nanny! I love getting to know the kids and figured out what they like and dislike and being able to cater to their needs. Being a special figure in their life is an incredible thing.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a nanny?

A: My favorite part about being a nanny is getting to be involved in kids lives. Whether it’s helping with a school project, or rehearsing lines for a play or practicing their talent show act! It’s such a fun experience!


Q: If you could recall one of the most memorable moments/advice from being a nanny, what would it be? Why is it so memorable to you?

A: My most proud and memorable moments most all involve my premier family. The kids I see every single day have become such important people in my life. Reese is nonverbal and autistic, so I work hard with her on motor skills, speaking skills, and school work. I will never forget the day when she actually said my name for the first time!!! She has a vocabulary of about 5-8 words now since I started with her and the fact that one of those words is my name is such an incredible feeling. Davis is a hoot, and I absolutely love anytime he has a new magic trick for me. Every day with them is memorable, but those are definitely some that I hold so close to my heart. I’ve also had families with babies who haven’t learned to talk yet and to watch them learn and grow is always amazing and memorable. The best advice I’d say would be just to make sure to get involved in these kids lives. Whether you think so or not, you are so important to them, and it means so much when you show an actual interest in them and the things they do. It’s so incredibly memorable because you could tell she was so proud of herself when she actually said it. It was such a big ‘look Hannah! I can say your name now! Are you happy?!’ smile that I broke into tears.


Q: Do you think nannies & sitters are important people? Why so?

A: I think nannies are very important people. Even now, as a 21-year-old, my old childcare workers or sitters or teachers are still involved in my life. My very first sitter I’ve ever had known owns a daycare, and I worked for her for two years. Nannies are so important in children’s lives.


Q: What are your thoughts on National Nanny Recognition Week?

A: I think nanny recognition week is awesome! I think sometimes people don’t realize the lengths we go for these kiddos, and it feels amazing to be acknowledged for it.


We will be featuring more of our wonderful Tucson, Phoenix, and DFW nannies throughout this week so stay tuned for more Q&A sessions!

Did you know nannies are legally recognized as household employees? That means our nannies are and should be acknowledged as professional childcare providers and caregivers. Trusting Connections is committed to advocating for our nannies by offering support and recognition throughout the year.

National Nanny Recognition Week,  September 23-29th, is a week during which “families, businesses, and the media will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.”

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