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In celebration of National Nanny Recognition Week, Trusting Connections would like to dedicate a few blog posts this week to highlight some of our wonderful TC nannies.

As National Nanny Recognition Week comes to an end, we want to remind and encourage our families and readers to continue to celebrate and support nannies and other childcare professionals throughout the year. As an award-winning nanny agency, Trusting Connections will continue to strive and focus on being nanny advocators and industry educators.

This blog post is dedicated to all our wonderful TC Tucson nannies! We have a great team, but we wanted to take this time out to highlight three individuals who have shown us time after time how great of a nanny they are to our Tucson families.

We reached out to our Tucson nannies, Constance Cassens, Phyllis Clark, and Tiffany Robinson for a quick Q&A session. Take a look into their perspective on being a nanny and why they love doing what they do!


Q: Why did you become a nanny? How’s your experience being a nanny been thus far?
C: I became a nanny for the flexibility and variety. My experience thus far has allowed me to travel, move, and not tie myself down.

P: Becoming a nanny has probably been my best move in this time of my life. With 30 years of early childhood, I thought I was ready for retirement. I found I was missing something. Kids!

T: I became a Nanny because I needed summer work while the pre-school I worked at was closed for the summer. It had been my intention to only work for the summer, but I fell in love with my Nanny position. When Caroline offered me the Corporate Care position, it was an offer I could not refuse. I am in school to become an Early Childhood Education/Special Education teacher, being a nanny gives me the flexibility I need to concentrate on school while working a position I love. So far, being a nanny for Trusting Connections has been such a blessing in my life. I love going to work every day.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a nanny?
C: My favorite thing about being a nanny is being able to let my freak flag fly! I get to act goofy and be creative without being judged by the kiddos.

P: Being a nanny allows you to bond with the children and their families. You can teach so many things, and it’s a one on one relationship.

T: My favorite thing about being a nanny is knowing that I am helping families and making a difference in the life of such wonderful little ones. I love providing quality childcare. My corporate care position is awesome because I get to spend time with so many different families. I have gotten to know so many amazing people.


Q: If you could recall one of the most memorable moments/advice from being a nanny, what would it be?
C: My most memorable moments would have to be tagging along with my favorite family to Mexico. It was a fun time, and I felt greatly appreciated.

P: I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of one little guy’s life since he’s been three months old. Now he’s crawling, standing, eating food and chatting up a storm. There is more to come and I am so lucky to be involved with his life. Some advice: Be safe, be kind, be respectful and patient. Most importantly, when your nanny bag is full, you’ll be a hit every time. When I have the opportunity to visit other families’ homes, Trusting Connections makes sure you are always prepared. The family profiles are very helpful. I study the profile completely and make sure the family feels like I know all about the needs for the day.

T: I have had so many memorable moments as a nanny, but one of my favorites is three days I got to spend with one child. We had three days chock full of board games, baking, and art! We never had a dull moment. I try to plan meaningful activities with all the kids I am with. The best advice I have been given as a nanny is to keep a nanny bag with lots of options for fun! This was so memorable to me because this child has had some rough spots in life, but her Grandma told me the three days with me made such a difference for her. I love that I helped make a child happy.


Q: Do you think nannies & sitters are important people? Why so?
C: Yes I think nannies and sitters are very important people. We are professional caregivers, teachers, and role models to all children.

T: I do believe that Nannies and sitters make a huge difference. I have worked with families that were terrified to leave their new babies for the first time but now treat us as extensions of their families. We provide loving care for children when their parents can’t be there, I know as a mother of four, knowing my kids where safe and happy meant more to me then I could ever express. The world needs nannies and sitters just as we need doctors, nurses, and police. We provide a much-needed service to families and children.


Q: What are your thoughts on National Nanny Recognition Week?
C: NNRW just goes to show how much families appreciate nannies and all that we do. It does take a village to raise a child and nannies play a big role.

P: Being recognized is always amazing. That extra pat on the back makes what you do even more worthwhile. Trusting Connections is very good about letting you know you’re amazing. National recognition adds the cherry on top!

T: I think that nanny appreciation week is super cool. It is nice to have people shed a little light on the hard work that we do. I am honored to be a part of this important event.


Thank you so much to all of our wonderful Tucson nannies for their hard work and dedication! Let us know if you would like us to interview more of our nannies by leaving a comment below! We also want to take this time to thank you again to all of our DFW, Phoenix, and Tucson nannies for being on our team! TC would be nothing without our awesome nannies!

We hope this week can shed light on the vital roles nannies play in the children’s life.


Did you know nannies are legally recognized as household employees? That means our nannies are and should be acknowledged as professional childcare providers and caregivers. Trusting Connections is committed to advocating for our nannies by offering support and recognition throughout the year.

National Nanny Recognition Week,  September 23-29th, is a week during which “families, businesses, and the media will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.”

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