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Newborn Care For New Parents

Are you a new parent? Are you always tired from staying up all night with the baby? Getting some newborn care may be the solution for you.

A Fact For New Parents

According to Parents magazine, an Owlet survey reports that “just 5 percent of parents with children aged zero to six months sleep that full eight hours a night. Nearly half of all parents with kids in this age range (43 percent) get just one to three hours of undisturbed sleep regularly. In fact, 17 percent of respondents said they get poor sleep every single night while raising newborn children.”

That’s an alarming statistic when you look at it. A Harvard study stated that a “lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury.” Having not enough sleep at night can make your daytime routine much harder, especially if you don’t have anyone’s help. We strongly suggest new parents get childcare assistance, particularly a newborn nanny during the baby’s first few months.

Newborn Care – We Can Help

A nanny agency like Trusting Connections can help connect families with qualified, experienced, and knowledgable newborn and infant nannies.

Our Newborn Care is one of the many services we provide under our Flex Membership. We also offer overnight infant care for parents who need help catching up with their sleep. Infants under 12-months will fall under our Newborn Care and Overnight Infant care services.

What Does This Care Includes?

Our newborn nannies can help assist in any daily or overnight routine care for the baby including: washing bottles and/or breast pump accessories, doing the baby’s laundry, restocking the nursery, and following the family’s sleep/meal schedule, feeding the baby at night, putting the baby back sleep, and much more.

Check out all the services we offer here.

We Are Picky With Our Newborn/Infant Nannies

All of our nannies are fully-vetted and agency-employed. Every single one of our nannies goes through a meticulous 21-point screening process before getting hired onto our team. This includes an in-office drug test, a background investigation done by a local private detective, and an infant and non-infant core competency exam filled with scenario-based questions.

We also require all of our nannies to be CPR and First-Aid certified and trained. They must know how to properly change a diaper, place a baby in a car seat, and have at least two years of professional childcare experience. We follow up with obtaining three thorough reference checks to validate the nannies’ work ethics, skills, and past employment performance.

Check out the rest of our screening process here.

A Customized Plan, A Solution For Every Struggling Parent

We help families create a customized childcare plan so parents can thrive at being the best they can be for their precious ones. Whether it’s your first baby, your third, twins, or even triplets, Trusting Connections can help. With a team of exceptional nannies and sitters, we aim to be the solution for your childcare needs.

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