Newborn Care Specialist vs. Night Nanny

We often get calls from parents who are expecting a baby and interested in a “baby nurse” or “night nanny” services. There is such a wide array of possible options for families with a new baby who are seeking extra support, especially overnight care. We take the time to learn more about your family’s unique needs and preferences so we can recommend one of the following options: 

Newborn Care Specialist 
Usually when a family asks for a “baby nurse” they are really wanting what we now call a “Newborn Care Specialist.” It is actually illegal for an NCS to call themselves a “baby nurse” unless they have actual nursing credentials either as an RN, LPN, etc. Newborn Care Specialists receive an actual certification that requires the NCS to attend training courses and log hands-on hours with infants. A Newborn Care Specialist typically arrives the moment a baby comes home from the hospital and stays with the family for the baby’s first 3-4 months of life before moving onto their next family. NCS caregivers usually provide overnight care, helping the parents get much needed rest but some provide round-the-clock care. An NCS often lives in the client’s home and provides extensive hands-on care of the baby but also educates and guides the parent. Not all Newborn Care Specialists live-in. The goal of an NCS is to establish healthy routines for the baby including sleep and feeding schedules. Many NCS will recommend various “sleep training” practices in some capacity or another so if you are more of a “baby-led” leaning parent who doesn’t care about or emphasize schedules, you probably would prefer the support of a doula. Finally, an NCS might come with other training and may be able to assist with lactation, helping with perinatal mood disorder and move. Good NCS candidates typically book out months in advance so it’s important to start your search ASAP. If a Newborn Care Specialist is the right fit for your family, you would be doing a Placement with our agency. We recommend starting your search at least 2 months in advance. 

Night Nanny 
A Night Nanny can provide considerable help to new parents, although not all night nannies come with any formal education as it pertains to infant care. There is a wide range in skill sets among nannies that provide overnight infant care but the main difference between a Night Nanny and a Newborn Care Specialist is that a Night Nanny is not certified and is not required to have the same level of knowledge or expertise. This is primarily because a Night Nanny’s role is that of an extension of the parents. The parents really set the care guidelines and a nanny will follow the parent’s directives rather than coming with her own set agenda. Night nannies assist with middle-of-the night feedings and diapers changes, enabling parents to get more rest. A Night Nanny can also help with baby’s laundry and linens, washing breast pump or bottle accessories or anything else related to the baby’s care. Night Nannies are generally less expensive than a Newborn Care Specialist and can be hired through our Sitter Service so you don’t have to worry about all the legal and financial responsibilities of employment. This is a much more flexible option for families looking for overnight help because you can use the service as little or as much as you need to and stop services when you no longer need the help. You aren’t contracted to continue the service for any period which is also different that an NCS


Depending on which option suits your family best, Trusting Connections is here to help. Reach out to us today to start your search and get the help your growing family needs.

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