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one to one

Essential In-Home Childcare for America's Workforce

What is One to One?

Trusting Connections has recently joined forces with like-minded agencies and are proud to announce our participation in One to OneOne to One is a collaborative effort formed by six, expert child care staffing agencies located in 20 major metropolitan areas across the country. This is our response to the COVID-19 crisis and a joint effort to help companies across the nation help their essential employees balance their home and work-life obligations. With school closures and many parents being forced to work from home, back-up childcare as an employee benefit has grown in importance. If you are an essential worker in need of childcare, please don’t hesitate to contact Trusting Connections here or email us at to see how we can be of service to your company.

Who Does It Include?

Our consortium consists of six, women-owned small businesses that are local to our individual markets. Our combined experience within the in-home childcare staffing industry offers over 120 years of combined experience.

Our One to One partners include: Nanny NetworkCrunch CarePhiladelphia Nanny NetworkSound Care Agency, and TLC For Kids

How Can Trusting Connections Help?

Our corporate child care services are trusted by numerous small businesses and large companies. The balance between work and family is a growing challenge for today’s parents. That’s why more and more businesses are offering employer-sponsored corporate child care services like our emergency back-up & sick child care programs. Trusting Connections partners with companies and organizations to provide our high-quality services as an employee benefit. When kids can’t attend school or daycare due to illness or closures, parents are often left scrambling to find child care and when they can’t, are forced to miss work as a result. A partnership with our award-winning agency can save your business thousands of dollars that are currently being lost to employee turnover and absenteeism costs. Our corporate child care program is the perfect back-up child care solution for your employees. This benefit will make them less stressed, more productive and more engaged. Plus, they will see you as the hero when their “in-a-bind” crisis moments are quickly averted with a simple phone call to our agency. Learn more about our corporate care programs here  

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