Safety Tips For The Family This 4th of July

Independence Day is a day to remember how lucky we are to be living in a nation filled with diversity, freedom, and endless opportunities, but it is also a day family can gather together and celebrate through fun activities with friends and neighbors.

From hosting a bbq party to watching the fireworks, parents should be mindful of some safety hazards that come along with these activities. Follow these tips to ensure the whole family is having a fun and being safe this Fourth of July!



“Each year around this time, we see many ranges of injuries in our emergency departments that can be easily prevented if the proper safety precautions are taken into consideration,” said Dr. Kazim Hussain, Emergency Room Medical Director for Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville. According to the Consumer Product Saftey Commision, children younger than 15 years of age accounted for 31 percent of emergency department-treated injuries due to firework burns.

Leave it to the trained professional when it comes to fireworks. There should be several local vendors and cities what will be hosting a firework show for the public, and the event is usually free and filled with family-friendly activities as well. This not only promotes a safer environment, but it also allows the whole family to enjoy the fireworks without the stress and worry.

However, if you are planning on setting off your own fireworks, please make sure to take these precautions:

•  Research your city firework regulations to see if your city allows you to purchase and light up the fireworks. If you violate this and get caught, you may face a hefty fine!

•  Always read warning labels and follow instructions on how to light up the fireworks. Do not use fireworks in any way other than suggested on the label.

•  Be sure to check that the firework is completely burned out before tossing it away. Dispose of all fireworks properly by soaking them all in water before trashing it out.

•  Remember to dress the family appropriately. Wearing loose fitting clothes could be a fire hazard getting tangled or caught when lighting fireworks.

•  Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby to put out any fire that may occur quickly.

•  Never point or throw any form of firework at another person, animal, building, brush or another flammable object.

•  There should always be an adult present when lighting up any fireworks. Make sure the kids are standing at a safe distance to prevent accidental burns. Never let a child light up fireworks on their own without an adult’s prevision.

•  Wear eye protection like goggles when lighting any fireworks. Keep a first-aid kit nearby in case of any minor injuries like band-aids, burn ointments, aloe vera, etc.



Having a BBQ or a family picnic can be a great way to celebrate, but many injuries can occur due to gas and charcoal grills. Follow these safety tips before cooking or grilling:

•  Never leave a lit grill unattended. Make sure you are checking every 5 minutes to ensure the grill is working.

•  Children should never be near a grill unsupervised.

•  Always use a grill outdoors and use the right amount of charcoal starter fluid.

•  If you have never used a grill before, make sure to carefully and thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions before using.



•  For those who are celebrating outside, whether it’s camping, hiking, swimming, or just being in the sun, remember to monitor your fluid intake. Make sure the kids are hydrated at all times. Bring a cooler filled with cold water bottles so kids can easily access it when needed.

•  If your kids are swimming, make sure to reapply sunscreen to prevent sunburns. Remember to be equipped with everything the kids need before heading out to the water.

•  Ensure that you are packing and storing food correctly to avoid any risk of getting food poisoning. Refrigerated foods should be kept cold so prepare ice-packs in your coolers before heading out.

•  Pack any necessary medication, mosquitoes repellent, and any other first-aid materials in the event of an allergic reaction or any other emergencies.

Following these safety tips can easily prevent many injuries from occurring and help make the holiday celebrations fun, memorable, and stress-free for parents. To see more health and safety tips, visit Emergency Care For You. Check out our other family tips on our Blog!


Source: Montgomery Herald and Valley Morning Star

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