TC’s 2019 Heart of Excellence Winners

2019 Heart of Excellence Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of TC’s Heart of Excellence Award! In celebration of National Nanny Recognition Week (Septemeber 22-28th), we asked our families in each location to nominate a deserving nanny that should win the title, and it was a tough choice.

We had strong contenders this year, and it was truly a tough choice for us to decide. Every single nanny that was nominated was worthy of the title. We want to boast and highlight all the good work each of these winners has done. Trusting Connections already know how great they are, but getting to hear it from the families themselves was a testament to their passion for childcare.

Each of these winners was awarded a gift basket filled with pampering gifts and goodies to make them feel adored, loved, and appreciated.

Tucson Winner – Erin Spencer

“Erin is a certified infant care specialist, and her experience with infants, and especially twins, is obvious. She guards our children through the night, much like a new mother would, frequently checking to ensure the boys are sleeping comfortably and safely. When our twins finally do drift off, she can be found washing bottles, folding baby laundry, and assisting with baby-related tasks in the home. She is always calm and level-headed, no matter what our infants need or how loud they express those needs. Erin is, in fact, so good at taking charge, staying on top of their needs and keeping the boys calm, that she went months before really hearing either child cry.

She is hardworking, pleasant, and respectful, and her attitude is consistent night after night. She is loving, compassionate, and gentle with our twins. The boys adore her and light up with wide eyes and big smiles when she comes into the room. She makes our priorities her priorities, and she supports us in our goals for our twins.

For Erin, being a nanny is her chosen profession and not just a job or a stepping stone to another career. She is continually improving herself, follows the nanny group chats, and will often post questions when she encounters a new situation. She is constantly reading about infant development, attends educational talks at international nanny conferences, and she educates herself on any challenge facing our family. Erin is bright, articulate, and an excellent communicator. Although she is very knowledgeable, her ideas are provided in the most respectful manner, and only after careful observation and assessment.

Erin has become part of the family, and her help has become indispensable to us.”
– The N. Family

Dallas-Fort Worth Winner – Audrey Morrissey

Audrey was a nanny we formerly placed for a family through our Placement Process!

“We absolutely love and adore our nanny, Audrey. She has been our nanny for 1.5 years, and she makes our life better in so many ways. Our daughter lights up when she comes, and is sad to see her go every day. She is constantly thinking of new activities, crafts, and educational tools to help [our daughter] learn and blossom. Audrey goes way above her job requirements to ease the stresses of being a busy working family. She makes us dinner a few nights per week and is creative with new recipes. She remembers things like our birthdays and anniversary and always finds ways to make us feel special. Words cannot express our gratitude for our nanny Audrey and Trusting Connections for linking us to her. We are forever grateful.”
– The A. Family

Phoenix Winner – Lauren Mohan

“Since we have had Lauren on as a consistent nanny, we have seen a big turn around with our son’s behavior, communication, sleep, and his school. I would like to let you know that Lauren has done a fantastic job and really taken the time to learn and understand the situation, which has reflected really well. Even to the point where she is able to get him to go to the bathroom either on his own or with zero issues. Thank you [TC] for arranging Lauren to come and work with us. It’s been fantastic to see the change and progress. I think she has really noticed how much of an improvement it’s also been, just small wins, but they mean a lot to us and for him.” – The S. Family

We want to thank all of our families who took their time out to nominate. Please be on the lookout for other opportunities to boast about your nanny in the future, as we are always celebrating our love for our staff. Thank you for your participation and congratulations to all TC’s Heart of Excellence winners!

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