TC’s 4th Annual Girl Scouts Cookie Event – Recap

4th Annual Girl Scouts Cookie Event

Last Thursday, February 7th, marks TC’s 4th Annual Girl Scouts Cookie Sale Event. More than 170 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies were bought, and that’s only from Trusting Connections.

This event is aimed at supporting and encouraging young girls in their efforts to learn business and leadership skills.

We Keep Our Promises

The event was a huge success. What was set to be a two-hour event ended up being four hours of female empowerment and girl scouts fun. Not only did the Tucson Girl Scouts was able to share and perform their sales pitch to TC’s Co-Founders, Caroline and Rosalind, but they had the chance to meet and sell their cookies to other female business owners.

The girls got to present and perform their well-practiced sales pitch, jingle, dance, and in other creative ways. They also munch on some sweet goodies, engage in a fun arts and craft activity, and dance to great music.

Future Plans For TC’s Annual Event

Trusting Connections are so grateful to have other businesses be present in this year’s grand tradition and hope that more business participants will participate in next year’s Girl Scouts Cookie event. Rosalind and Caroline also hope they can bring this tradition to other cities like Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth in the future.

A big thank you to all the businesses, volunteers, and nannies that came out last week. Thank you to Local Tucson Media and KVOA as well for the featured articles.

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