Event Childcare Staffing – A Solution To Your Holiday Parties

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Are you a company looking to host your annual Christmas or End-of-the-Year Party?

Or are you a family who is planning to have a big holiday get-together?

If you are and need some childcare assistance, look no further! Trusting Connections’ event childcare services are here to save the day! We staff high-quality nannies and sitters for your upcoming holiday fiesta, weddings, private party or corporate event!


Corporate Events, Big Or Small, We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether you are a business of 0-100 employees or 500+ employees, hosting an annual Company Christmas Party can be difficult and challenging, especially when the whole family is attending.

Let us help provide the best event childcare for your company! Our team of fully-screened and agency-employed nannies can make your event a huge success and especially memorable for your young guests. We have helped staffed small private parties with one or two nannies all the way up to very large-scale, multi-day events with 200+ children. Some of our past clients have included out-of-state event planning companies, local small businesses, large corporations, churches and the military.


For All Host And Hostess Fanatics

Nothing excites you more than planning, decorating, cooking, baking, and everything in between when it comes to hosting your parties. But doing all of that while making sure the kids don’t knock over the table of food you had spent eight hours cooking can be quite stressful. Look no further, let Trusting Connections help through our event childcare services.

Our experienced and knowledgeable nannies and sitters will help keep the young guests entertained while you can go and do what you do best, host an unforgettable party anxiety-free!


So whether you are a company or an avid party host/hostess, let Trusting Connections help provide safe, reliable, and trustworthy childcare staffing for your upcoming holiday festivities.

Need a quote? Ready to book? Fill out our Event Booking Form today and let us help make your event unforgettable!

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