Unique Gifts for the Entire Family! (From the Baby’s Perspective!)

By: Guest Blogger, Colleen H Laszakovits RN-BSN, CPD, CLE, CCBE, CCT

I am so excited to finally be earth side and looking forward to meeting all of you eventually, but what would be really cool is if you could love on my family for me as they adjust to my being home.  I am sure that I will look cute in all the adorable outfits and I will try to use all the other gifts, BUT if you are looking for a unique gift for my mom, sibling, family or ME, here is what I propose:

My Mom and Dad would love:

-a postpartum doula (a non-judgmental, experienced professional to focus on her needs)

-home cooked meals (ask first to check for allergies)

-housecleaner (pre-cleaning before baby or weekly wipe downs)

-manicure/pedicure/facial/massage (babysitting provided)

-take my older brother/sister out of the house

-transportation help to and from activities/school

-someone to pick up quick items from the grocery store or Target (just call if you are out)

-haircut and color (makes my momma feel beautiful and normal)

-a friend to listen, encourage her and cry with (I know she loves me but sometimes I can be overwhelming!)

-a night out for my dad (he may need a congratulatory beer, some time away and something to do with sports)


I would love:

-a postpartum doula (to support my family so they can be at their best, feel confident and enjoy ME!)


My Brother/Sister would love:

-a postpartum doula (to help bring back some sort of semblance of life before the permanent squeaky toy arrived)

-a special age appropriate gift from ME

-time away from the house with other friends and family

-one-on-one time and snuggles from each parent (I know it is my fault because I tend to hog them A LOT)


As a Family we would love:

-a postpartum doula (to help support ALL members, 4 legged included and a knowledgeable expert to answer any questions)

-gift cards to go out when ready

-babysitting to watch my brother/sister or let my parents nap or shower

-date night when ready (reconnecting is important)

-Netflix for 6 months (keep everyone entertained while I am up at all hours)

-gift cards to favorite ice cream place (ice cream makes everyone happy, even better if they have a drive thru)


As you can see what I want most for my family is to feel loved and supported.  I realize that these may not be the most “fun” gifts to give, but I can guarantee you that my family will be soooo grateful for your unique acts of kindness.


Thank you!


Baby “the permanent squeaky toy”

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