What Makes Timeless Play Special?

What Makes Timeless Play Special?

Opening March 15, 2021, Timeless Play brought to you by Trusting Connections is not your typical “drop-off childcare” center.  Instead, it is an upscale, reimagined and curated space in Tucson where kids ages 1-12 get to rediscover childhood.  Timeless Play does not offer thrilling attractions, towering play equipment or the latest flashing toys or kids electronics.  But that does not mean it is boring. Here we value interaction more than entertainment. We talk with children, not at them. Our nannies are actively engaging with children instead of just passively observing using “nutrient-rich” toys, games and activities that foster classic fun. That’s Timeless Play.

Where Kids Rediscover Childhood and Parents Catch Their Breath

Let’s face it, the COVID pandemic has disrupted the lives of children and families like nothing before. So, as the founders of Timeless Play, the mission to “help kids be kids again” is more important to us than ever.  A secondary focus and benefit, in alignment with our Trusting Connections values, is to help parents and caregivers care for themselves.  Parenthood has always been hard and rewarding work.  But lately parents are so overwhelmed in the face of this pandemic, between financial and work pressures, virtual home-school and the health of the family that they can’t catch their breath. We consider it a win to offer parents a flexible care option while they take a few childless hours to themselves to perhaps attend a meeting, go to an appointment or run errands.  

Moments Of Care

Moments of care can be hurried or they can be honored. At Timeless Play we know how pivotal moments of care, play and curiosity are to development. That is why we will fill our center with non-electronic toys and an emphasis on nostalgic play.  Since Trusting Connections nannies are careful observers of children, they are very familiar with topics that excite a child’s curiosity no matter what their age. At Timeless Play we will curate environments that support children’s navigation through a process of inquiry and discovery utilizing their existing areas of curiosity and interest. 

Our focus is connecting actively with children through a small staff to kid ratio of 1:4 (with a maximum of 16 kids per hour).  We plan to do this with carefully curated, safe and cognitively stimulating spaces that elevate those moments to include mindful interactions that promote the development of age-appropriate skills.  Here we will establish eye contact, smile and speak with children, promote awareness of physical, social, and their emotional selves.  We will provide children many opportunities to engage with their environment. This allows their natural independence to emerge and grow, all with the support of their teachers and in connection with their peers. Our values of kindness, appreciation for the world and respect for everyone are thoughtfully woven into every aspect of how our center will operate. Children are naturally curious initiators and explorers.  We celebrate that at Timeless Play.  Children will be encouraged to wonder about the world around them and to ask questions beginning with “how” and “why.”   This framework is woven seamlessly throughout all we do, including the toy selection, our craft area and our story corner. 

Calling On The Experts

Time for uninterrupted play with an emphasis on exploration means that we needed to ensure the center is loaded with toys kids will truly enjoy.  And so, in January, we called in the experts to share their thoughts through a virtual panel session.   Roughly 30 kids from ages 4-12 participated in the event, sharing their preferences on games, toys and activities.  That feedback has already influenced our buying decisions.  We are stocking our center with what the expert panel said kids would love including unique and thought-provoking toys.  We will offer wooden, STEM, building, block and sensory approved toys. We look forward to fostering creativity with our arts program. We know children derive much pleasure and involvement using a wide array of media which is why we will offer acrylic, finger, water paints, chalk and oil pastels, crayons, markers and recycled art materials.  We will also bring in new toys and activities quarterly to keep things fresh. Here we will continually operate under the philosophy that children flourish when they have several open-ended opportunities to create and play according to their interests.

Give Me The Details

Timeless Play is the first drop-off childcare center of its kind in Tucson. We are making it easier for parents to take a few hours for themselves – guilt-free. We provide safe and superior care at our convenient Campbell and River location for children ages 1 to 12 years – for up to four hours. Simply register online for a time slot, pay for your reservation for up to four hours of care and show up for fun.

Timeless Play will follow the most current COVID-19 safety and cleaning protocols including face mask guidance, frequent cleaning and hand washing. Kids will also be required to remove their shoes and instead use grip socks while playing in the wood-floor space.


Location & Hours: 4425 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ  85718
Monday through Thursday – 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. 
Friday -8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. and 5:00- 9:00 p.m.
Saturday – 8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. and 5:00- 9:00 p.m.
Sunday: Birthday Parties Only 
Membership: Timeless Play monthly membership is $15/month per family* and includes:   
    • Member rates on play hours 
    • Two free snack vouchers per month
  • Discounts on party packages + select special events 
  • *Recurring auto-payment. Cancel anytime.
Play Hour Pricing: Timeless Play monthly membership includes:   
    • Play Hour (Member) ….. $14/ hour
  • Drop-off play experience for one child.
    • Play Hour w/ sibling (Member) ….. $6/ hour
  • Drop-off play experience for each additional sibling.
    • Play Hour (Non-Member) ….. $15/ hour
  • Drop-off play experience for one child.
    • Play Hour w/ sibling (Member) ….. $8/ hour
  • Drop-off play experience for each additional sibling.

For additional information we invite you to visit our agency’s website, blog or to visit us at Timeless Play.  Follow us on Instagram: @timelessplaytucson. Like us on Facebook: @timelessplaytucson.
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